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Welcome to FluteCraft, a website about Native American style flutes! Go over this page and see the highlighted content meant for your first visits.

Learn How to Play Native Style Flutes

If you want to learn how to play a Native style flute, I recommend my songbook, “Calm Forest”, a simplified guide for beginners that covers everything you need to know about playing this instrument.

You can start with my introduction video to the first note, and then go through the article about the basics:

Then you can learn more about the rhythm, and grab a free set of drumming backing tracks:

Learn How to Build Native Style Flutes

FluteCraft started in 2014 as a website publishing how-to tutorials. Today I have a complete series on building a Native American style flute out of branches, but skilled woodworkers will apply the knowledge to construction wood and power tools, too:

A flute must be tuned, and I have a 3-part series on tuning Native style flutes:

Then you can simply explore the category for crafting and building flutes:

Then go through the general category on playing the flutes.

Listen to Free Native Flute Music

If you want to listen to Native style flute music, I have published 2 free albums available on Jamendo.