Some time ago, I’ve created piano backing tracks and drumming backgrounds for Native American Flute. Both were meant to be commercial files, but in the end, I ended up giving backing tracks away for free in my article about harmony for Native American flute players. This was because I had troubles making sure the cart mechanism actually works.

I guess I gave up :). So today I’m giving away the drumming backgrounds for free, too. So follow the links below in this article, and if you like it, you can send me Amazon Gift Card as a “thank you” :).

But don’t worry, there are no strings,just please don’t resell these files and if you want to share them with your friends, send them the link to this page.

How to Unpack the Files

The files, in mp3 format, come packed in a ZIP archive. You need a PC, Mac or laptop to unpack them (unpacking software is usually pre-installed on your computer). You won’t be able to unpack the files on a smartphone or tablet. But after unpacking, you can transfer the mp3 files to your mobile device and play them there :).

Free Piano Backing Tracks for Native American Flute

First, we have piano backing tracks. These are simple tracks on piano, very looped and they allow you to practice playing with another instrument in harmony in various keys (A, G, F#, E and D). Download the files and give it a try!

Free Native American Flute Drumming Backgrounds

Drumming backgrounds come in a looped form, and they help you practice playing in rhythm.

The rhythms are simple and basic, written in popular 4/4 time signature and they have various tempos, yet not too fast nor too slow. They are great for beginners and intermediate players. While I made these tracks for use along with Native American Flute, they are not key-based. Therefore, anyone playing any melodic instrument in any key should find these tracks useful.

Like it? Give Something Back

If you enjoy my free files and you would like to give something back, consider sending me an Amazon’s gift card of any amount, even $1 :).

To send me a gift card, go to Amazon’s website (link below), choose the amount and type my e-mail address into recipient field (delivery via email):

Here’s my e-mail address: – just type it into “To:” for recipient.

Thank you!

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