In the digital age, people create films, documentaries, games and many different creative projects that often require background music. You can either hire a freelance music composer and create unique music, or you can purchase so called royalty free music (also known as stock music) – pay once for a license and use the music for your project.

Good Native American Flute music for backgrounds is not as popular as other genres of music, nevertheless it can be found on-line. Today I recommend the best pieces of royalty free music that include Native American Flute. Some of these pieces can be found on Pond5, a great royalty free music and sounds marketplace. Other music can be found on Jamendo. I offer licenses for my own music there, too.

Some pieces below are a flute solo, other are more complex compositions with chants and other instruments. You can listen to their watermarked versions with the player embeded below, or click “link” to go to AudioJungle and purchase.

If you haven’t seen AudioJungle before, it works like this – you register an account, deposit money, and purchase the license for an item. Then, you can download the files without watermark and use them in your project in accordance with the license you bought.

Stock music (and royalty free music) is all about licenses. A composer and producer creates music and offer proper licenses. You pay for the license, and you can use the musical piece for your own project, whether it’s commercial or non-commercial. Licenses usually state some limits. Basic licenses allow you to use the song in one project, for example, while extended licenses, which are more expensive, allow you to use the music in Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Jamendo Music and Licenses

Jamendo is a website for independent artists. Every piece of music there is available for free – but if you wish to use the music in a commercial project, you need to purchase an affordable license in most cases.

All my own Native American Flute music is offered in their royalty free program. Just click the links below to go to my albums, and then you will see a button “Get an official license” on the right side (desktop, laptop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page:

On Jamendo, another artist – SaReGaMa – created a great Native American Flute piece:

On Jamendo, once you go to individual song, you will find a small link that allow you to purchase commercial license. The artist receives his author share for each sold license, so it’s a great way to support independent artists.


Pond5 is another website with many royalty free Native American flute music. Licenses are affordable :). Here are two of my own tracks there:

And here are some additional tracks: flute collection.

4 Native Flute on AudioJungle

Wherever I could, I include a preview player – some music pieces contain watermarks that are gone once you purchase the music.

1. Native American Flute – link 

This beautiful composition is performed on authentic Native American Condor Bass cedar flute. It has a mysterious, peaceful, spiritual and somewhat sad mood.

2. Native American Atmosphere – link

Wonderful piece by Triple7Music, it includes a Native American Flute as well as drums and Native chants.

3. Voice of the Great Lakes – link

A voice from the Lakota native Americans, with a flute in the background.

4. Native Americans Dreams – link 

Slow droning American Indian feel with male choral elements, powerfull drums and percussion.

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