Uncharted is one of the most popular game series of games for Playstation 3 and 4. You take control of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, on an epic journeys throughout many different regions of the world. There’s a great adventure (well, four of them, actually), love story and brilliant actors!

Since you’re on a website about flutes, we’re going to do something flute related :). Today I publish a free tablature for all of you who wanted to play “Uncharted” theme. The composer, Greg Edmonson, did a great job! Just have a listen:

As always, small changes are necessary to make it playable on Native American flute. This tune uses overblon notes twice (fifth row, third and fourth note). Flutes from different flute makers may require a bit different fingering for these two overblows. Some of you, depending on your flute, may need to experiment a bit to get clear notes.

“Uncharted” Theme for Native American Flute


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