Are you looking for a way to practice rhythm while playing Native American Flute?

Do you want to add additional rhythmic layer to your live performances for friends and family?

Tribal Drumming Backgrounds for Native American Flute is a collection of drumming tracks. They can be used for rhythm practice, or as background tracks to use while playing for yourself, friends or family, or playing non-commercially (i.e. charity events and similar), or commercially for no more than 50 people at once :).

The primary purpose of these tracks is to help you practice playing in rhythm, and with other instruments.

Check the sample track! Pick up your flute and enjoy!

The rhythms are simple and basic, written in popular 4/4 time signature and they have various tempos, yet not too fast nor too slow. They are great for beginners and intermediate players. While I made these tracks for use along with Native American Flute, they are not key-based. Therefore, anyone playing any melodic instrument in any key should find these tracks useful.

Download your free copy!

Drumming tracks and piano backing tracks are now available for free!

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Or, just click the link below:

No newsletter sign up and no catches, just a direct secured link to Dropbox ZIP package :).

Here’s what you get:

  • Basic type of practice rhythm in 5 different tempos
  • 2 types of traditional Native American frame drum tracks
  • 3 types of djembe tracks
  • 3 types of epic toms tracks
  • 2 types of tribal tracks
  • 1 type of tabla track
  • Universal MP3 format – play anywhere, on anything, DRM free!

Except the “tribal” tracks, all other tracks are available both as full versions, and as loops. Full versions are 2-4 minute in length and they’re easiest to use – just play them :). Loops are shorter versions of the full tracks, a few seconds each, and with proper software or audio gear they can be played indefinitely in a loop.

  • Download size: 56.9 MB
  • Format: ZIP package with DRM-free mp3 files inside.

You can use these tracks:

  • For personal practice.
  • As background while playing for friends, family etc.
  • As background while playing for other people during non-commercial events (i.e. charity or community events).
  • As background for playing during commercial events for no more than 50 people at the same time.

You cannot:

  • Resell these recordings, sample them or use them in your own products.
  • Use them for your own recordings.
  • Use them for commercial events with more than 50 attendants at the same time.