Native American flutes are one of the most wonderful instruments on Earth – their meditative and peaceful sound brings peace to listeners all over the planet. On FluteCraft, I believe everyone can build and play Native American style flutes, a tool not only of entertainment, but mainly a tool of self-healing: healing of emotions, confidence and inner peace.

About the Author

Obviously, I’m not a Native American. My real name is Wojtek. I live in EU. The Native American style flute came to my life thanks to an episode of “Northern Exposure” and it decided to stay. I’ve learned how to play and how to build this wonderful instrument in the past few years, mainly by using the free resources of the Web. Here on FluteCraft, I pass on the knowledge.

I compose royalty free music as a part-job, but here on FluteCraft, I also (well, mainly) share free knowledge of playing and building Native American flutes.